Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mother-Son Running Streak Club

Nancy Shohet West is a freelance journalist living in my hometown of Carlisle, MA. She writes for many publications, including the Boston Globe, and has authored an excellent account of her experiences as a "streak" runner bonding with her then 9-year old son.

I first met Nancy as a 12 year old piano student of mine in 1979, and our paths crossed years later when she wrote a Boston Globe article about me in 2005 as I approached the 30th anniversary of my other (non-Boston) running streak, never missing a day of running at least 1 mile. She revisited me for another Globe article when that running streak came to an end in 2007 at 11,687 days, 1 day short of 32 years, due to a heart attack .

Her curiosity about the concept of streak running and the United States Streak Running Association (USRSA), her decades-long commitment to running, and the challenges of a mother raising a young son all coincided to inspire this marvelously readable book. It can be obtained at by clicking on the title of this post.

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